On Saturday February 28, 2015 Carol & I went down to Letchworth Park to see the frozen fountain at the Glen Iris Inn. There were lots of people visiting the park today to see this massive pile of ice that keeps getting bigger every day. This even made the National News on CBS, NBC, & ABC. I live about 12 miles from here in Warsaw and it was a nice day for a drive. We took a walk down to see the middle falls which was pretty much froze over except for a couple small streams of water from the Genesee River going over the falls. Then I walked down to the train tressel hoping to see a train cross while I was down in that area. I stayed around the area for about a half hour but could not hear the sound of a train whistle coming from either direction. I went back and met Carol and we went back to the fountain by the Glen Iris Inn. I took about 200 pictures here today and we decided to pack up and take a ride down to Wiscoy Falls to see what the falls looked like today. Wouldn’t you know as soon as we were about under the tressel a south bound N/S train was just going over the tressel. There was so much traffic both ways that there was no place to stop and pull over so, I stuck the camera out the window and just aimed it toward the tracks and shot a few shots. I did get some but, not what I was looking for. We left the park and headed south on route 19A to Wiscoy and turned left towards the falls. When we got there it was completely froze over except for two small openings in the ice where the water was still running. The old grist mill that was here is now gone. I took a dozen or so shots of both the falls area and a couple across the street of the frozen creek. After leaving Wiscoy Falls we went to Pizza Hut in Yorkshire for Pizza and then on to Hobby Lobby on Transit Road in Lancaster then came back home. Traveled 136.7 miles today and used my Fuji S9450W Digital Camera and my Sony A330L Digital Camera and my newest Sony HDR-PJ275 Video Camera.

DSCF6441DSCF6473DSCF6478DSCF6571DSCF6610DSCF6627 Continue reading

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On Monday September 16, 2013 Carol & I left Warsaw at 9:00 and was bound for Lake George, NY. We took route 20A to exit 8 of Interstate 390 in Geneseo to exit 12 to get onto the New York State Thruway. We took the Thruway as far east as exit 30 which is the Herkimer exit.  We stopped for lunch at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in Herkimer, NY.  After spending about an hour for our lunch we headed north on route 28 then took route 29 which took us into Saratoga Springs, NY then took route 9P to route 87 North and got off at exit 21 in Lake George. Our motel was on the other side of town which with a few red lights we were there.  After getting checked in and our car unloaded we took a walk up town. It was 3:30 and not really time to eat again. We went down by the Steamboats at the lakes end.  It was a nice chilly afternoon but we sat on one of the benches watching someone out in the water fly fishing. There should be a nice sunset tonight so I have my camera with me. We will need to have dinner soon then will come back to this same spot for a great sunset.  It was cold out and guess we will be having pizza tonight due to not much open for food.  After Labor Day Weekend just about everything closes up during the week and opens again on the weekends only for a few more weeks then closes till spring. As the sun was setting we went back to our spot and got a lot of pictures while the sun sat.  At about 7:30 it was dark and time to eat.  We walked back up to Capries Pizzeria and had a large pizza and pop. We finished and it was getting really cold out and time to head back to our motel.  On   Tuesday morning Carol went to the motel office and brought back some coffee to start the day. Then we went to Riley’s where I got 20 new tee shirts for $.99 each then left here and went to the Adirondack Outlet Mall to find her some new shoes.  After spending 3 hours going through all the stores here we didn’t find any shoes.  We then went the mall in Queensbury and went into Sears and she found what she was looking for.  Then we went to Staples where I got a couple pictures printed from last nights sunset.  These were 11″ X 14″ prints and I should have frames for them back home.  Hope to do a lot of pictures this week.  After leaving Staples we went to Wendy’s for lunch  then headed back to Lake George for the rest of the day. Then again took a walk along the lakefront.  The Steamboat Gift Shop just happen to be open today so, we went in to see all the bargains they had. I got 2 Lake George hat pins.  It was almost 4:00 and time to think about some dinner.  We went back to the motel and got the car and took a ride toward Queensbury and stopped at Sweet Basils Italian Restaurant on Route 9.  I seen the menu was pretty pricey so, I got a medium size plate of Baked Ziti and Carol had Chicken Alfredo which she likes a lot.  It was good but, really to much sauce.  After dinner we went back to the motel and took a walk to get my stomach feeling better.  I took the camera with me and got some more sunset pictures over the lake. Now it’s time to settle in for the night and watch TV.  On Wednesday morning looked like another spectacular blue sky day. Carol went to get us some coffee then she wanted to find some quilt shops that we found in her quilting directory.  The first one was in the Home Depot Plaza in Queensbury and the second was downtown Glens Falls in an old tee shirt factory.  We found both places and she found some sunset material at the Adirondack Quilting Company on Cooper Street.  Then we went back toward Lake George and we stopped in the Prospect Mountain Diner for a late lunch and early dinner. I had spaghetti & meatballs and Carol had French Toast & Sausage and coffee for both of us. It was only 4:00.  Then we went back to our motel room and went down and sat by the lake just watching the boats on the lake. It was chilly and probably will get colder as the sun goes down.  Got some cool shots of the full moon and it’s reflection on the lake.  It was probably 50 degrees out. Guess it is time to turn in for the night and watch TV for a while.  It’s now Thursday and this afternoon is the opening ceremonies for the 41st Adirondack Balloon Festival to be held at the Crandall Park on route 9 in Glens Falls. That will start around 5:00 till 6:30 or so. Its a nice day so we will be on the go all day till about 3:30 when we will leave for the balloon show. Now it is time for some coffee and a donut and then a walk down to the lake front and get some pictures and some short videos using my new Samsung Tablet to get these videos of the boats on the lake.  This really works great doing the videos due to this is the first time that I have ever done a video. Its just about noon so it was time to take a walk downtown and check out some of the shops that are open.  I went into one of the shops and everything was on sale up to 80% off due to the store was closing at the end of the month for good.  The owners will be retiring and moving.  I purchased a couple hats and Lake George hat pin and coffee mug and a truckers wallet along with a metal back scratcher that Carol wanted. After we finished our shopping we went back to the motel and got the car and went to the Prospect Mountain Diner for lunch.  We both had a Bacon Cheeseburger with fries and a bowl of Ham & Bean Soup and a Pepsi.  Now after finishing our meal it was time to go back to our room for a little nap before leaving for the balloon show.  It was almost 3 pm and I started getting my batteries and cameras ready to go in a little while.  It is now 3:30 and time to head out for Crandall Park on route 9 in Glens Falls, NY.  It was a beautiful blue sky day that soon will be filled with beautiful colorful hot air balloons for the opening ceremonies of the 41st 2013 Adirondack Balloon Festival.  When we arrived we was one of the first ones there and backed into a close parking space.  I did a quick count of all the balloon trailers in the park and there were 21 at about 4:00 and trailers were still coming.  I started getting some pictures as we walked around the grounds.  This doesn’t start until 5:15 PM and there is a lot of people here now. I went over to the festival tent where I got a 2013 Program Book and a 2014 calendar and a hat pin from the years 2010 to 2013 to add to my collection since 1999.  Then finally, the balloons started airing up and lifting off.  There were about 30 balloons that were doing up.  I started using my tablet to get some videos of the balloons being aired up and the fire that came out of the burners of each balloon.  The tablet was recording to large of a video for being in such a small space.  We spent about an hour and a half here at the park then we decided it was time to head out before the crowd started leaving.  We got out pretty quick then headed to Pizza Hut on route 9 in Queensbury for dinner.  After having pizza we headed back to our room in Lake George.  Carol’s feet were starting to bother her cause she has been on them all day. I wanted to download all the pictures from today’s events.  It’s now Friday, and after having our coffee we were ready to leave for North Creek and got there at 11:15 AM.  The train wouldn’t be in until around noon and the Museum is suppose to open at noon also.  It was 12:15 when the train rolled in with a full load of people who are coming from the station in Saratoga Springs to spend some time visiting the village of North Creek.  They will spend 3 hours here till they return to Saratoga Springs.  Then a tour bus full of tourists boarded the train for dinner and go to Saratoga Springs and spend a 3 hour layover in the city.  We spent 2 hours here today and at 1:00 went up town and stopped in Martha’s Family Restaurant on Main Street in North Creek for a couple hot dogs and some fries and a Coke.  We then headed back to Lake George to get ready for this afternoons balloon show. We left at 2:45 for the Floyd Bennett Field in Queensbury.  The traffic was one car link at a time and it took us 2 hours to get into the airport.  We arrived at 4:45 PM and then after the first briefing that the winds would have to come down 3 to 4 knots before the balloons could launch.  If the pilots wanted to take the risk of launching they could take the full responsibility of there flights.  They only have a little over 1 hour to go up and be back down before sunset time.  I guess it is time for us to get out of here cause only a few would be going up and risk getting back down within the hour.  We left and went back to the Prospect Mountain Diner and had pancakes and coffee for dinner.  Then came back to our motel and sat down by the lake for a while.  Today I took 380 pictures for the whole day and then downloaded them into my laptop.  I just can’t believe that it now Saturday already. Where has the week gone!  Today Carol & I will be going up route 9 to Pottersville  NY to visit the Railroads On Parade Museum.  We got there at 11:40 AM and was invited right in and that the trains were just starting to get underway.  After coming into the store where we had to purchase our tickets for $12.50 each and then she showed us where to go.  As we walked down the hallway and went into a dark room where all the different trains were running.  There were 3 big layouts with lots of moving parts and every 7 minutes it would change from day to night and all the neon signs would come on and there were 25 different trains running all the time.  This has got to be the best train layout that I have ever seen.  I used my Samsung Tablet and got a 40 minute video of everything here that is running and working.  We stayed for over 2 hours then went out into the store and purchased a DVD, coffee mug, tee shirt, Program Book of everything that this place is about.  It was after 2:00 when we left.  We got on the 87 South Interstate and took it back to Warrensburg and took route 9 into Lake George.  We got back to our motel and went down by the lakeside to get some more video and just in time as the Minnie Ha Ha  was going by and playing the calliope. I got some 7 minute video.  We sat talking with another couple that was from Duluth, Minnesota that wanted to take a ride on the Minnie Ha Ha this afternoon.  Then we took a walk down along the lake front and found a couple empty Adirondack chairs near the docks where the 3 steamboats were parked.  We sat there for a while and the couple walked by saying howdy neighbor as they were on their way to board the Minnie Ha Ha.  As the boat took off we could see them sitting in the front part of the boat on the top deck.  We then left the pier and went to the Boardwalk Restaurant we both had all you can eat ribs with cabbage salad and baked beans and French fries.  This was great and very filling and one serving was enough.  We came back to the motel for the rest of the night.  At 8:15 PM it had started raining and this was the first time since we left home on Monday that we had any rain.  It was coming down pretty hard and now there won’t be any fireworks tonight unless it stops here soon.  I started downloading my pictures from today and there was 518 pictures total for the day.  Well, now it’s Sunday and we will be going home tomorrow.  Today is our last full day here in Lake George .  We set out to go to Ballston Spa, NY for the Hudson/ Mohawk  Chapter of the American Truck Historical Society at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds.  There were quite a few trucks here.  Ran into Al Prame and Paul Dippold from our club that have been here since yesterday and was now on their way out to go to the Hemmings Museum in Vermont.  I started taking pictures when I got there.  I felt a few rain drops and hoped that was all over for the day.  Today there is a few local truck dealers that are in the area and brought some of their 2014 trucks to show.  They had a huge flea market that took up 3 big buildings with a lot of stuff.  I purchased a First Gear Suburban Briggs & Stratton truck for just $10.00.  The truck color is royal blue.  I have been looking for this for a while along with a bright red one also.  Carol & I enjoyed just looking around to see what everyone was selling.  We stayed until I got a picture of every truck here at the show.  We left at about 2:00 PM  and then started back to Lake George.  We stopped for something at the Ambrosia Diner on route 254 in Queensbury, NY.  They have only been open for a couple years and the meal was great and will come back next year when we come back.  We left here after a fine dinner and before we left I got a few pictures of the outside so now we went back to our motel in Lake George and then sat down by the lake for a while just watching all the steamboats going up and down the lake.  I used my tablet to record some of the boats playing music as they passed by.  Then we took a walk looking for some ice cream.  It was after 5:00 and all the shops were closed and will remain closed now till next weekend.  We went up a side street to Price Choppers and got 2 pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  That will be it for tonight so, I will spend the rest of the evening downloading the pictures and videos from today.  I took 449 pictures today along with 1 video.  The ice cream is good but, it was 50 degrees outside and We sat at the table in our room and had it.  Well, Monday is here and so sorry to have to leave for home.  I took my keys down to the office and talked with Shannon about booking this same week in 2014.  She told me that she will send me an email in January to confirm our reservation.  I asked her if we did book for next year if we could get a room closer to the street without an upstairs over us.  She took us down and showed us what the room looked like.  This room will be fine and we will be back in 2014.  Next years dates are September 15th to September 22, 2014.  I will just need to confirm these dates in January.  Now we will be heading out for home.  We made a few stops along the way like on route 29 in Saulsbury Center checking out the covered bridge over a raging creek with really big rocks that I could stand on to get some nice waterfalls effect for some great pictures.  Then we stopped in in Herkimer and had some lunch at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner.  We both had a bacon double cheeseburger and fries and a Pepsi.  Then we left here and went and took route 28 South to the New York State Thruway Exit 30 but, just before getting onto the Thruway we turned right and went into to where their were a couple Erie Canal boats parked by a small strip mall with the Waterfront Grille. We went into the retail store here and check on the cruises. It is a 1 hour long trip on the historical Erie Canal for $19.00 per person.  I ended up spending about $43.00 here in the store.  Then we left here and drove across the street and got on the Thruway and headed west to exit 46 in Henrietta, NY.  From here we went toward Leroy to check on my truck to see if it is done.  George told me he had just got the wheel bearing in this afternoon and will be putting it in tonight and I will be able to pick it up tomorrow.  We left Georges garage and was in Warsaw within 30 minutes.  I took 177 pictures today and we got home at 5:30 PM and traveled a total of 883.6 miles for the past 8 days.  I took a total of 2631 pictures and 10 videos.SONY DSC SONY DSC9-18-13-lake-george-day-2-sx100-469.jpg9-18-13-lake-george-day-2-sx100-368.jpgSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC9-21-13 Railroads On Parade A720 Day 6 0019-21-13 Railroads On Parade A720 Day 6 0029-21-13 Railroads On Parade A720 Day 6 0109-21-13 Railroads On Parade A720 Day 6 057SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC9-21-13 Railroads On Parade A720 Day 6 1779-21-13 Railroads On Parade A720 Day 6 1549-21-13 Railroads On Parade A720 Day 6 1479-21-13 Railroads On Parade A720 Day 6 066SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

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On Saturday August 24, 2013 Carol & I traveled 3 hours to Whitney Point NY for the Twin Tiers Chapter truck show at the Broome County Fairgrounds here on route 11. We got here at 9:00 in the morning and there was about 15 trucks here so far.  The Bedrock, Buckets & Booms Club was unloading there Bay City Michigan Steam Shovel and getting ready to move some dirt. There was a bulldozer that was already breaking up the piles of gravel and stone.  They had a grader that had to be pulled by a tractor with a single blade and 2 steering wheels. One was for up and down elevation and the second one was for back and forth motion. They were showing how a road was built back in the early 1900’s.  The steam shovel was loading a dump truck to spread the gravel on the road while the grader spread and leveled the dirt. At noon a helicopter from Class Act Air Helicopter Service landed in a secure landing zone at the far end of the fairgrounds. I went to find out what the rides were and I did it. The ride lasted about 20 minutes and covered the whole area along with the dam area and the fairgrounds. This was great, after we landed Carol & I walked across the street to Arby’s for lunch. Then we came back and checked out the flea market area. Not much here yet. We walked around the grounds again to see if any new trucks have come in within the past hour.  Its coming up to 2:00 and time for Mr. Softee and some ice cream. We both got a twist on a cone. I run into a friend that I met last year at the Genesee Falls Inn in Portageville NY which is 20 minutes from Warsaw.  He had a 8 – seat pedaling machine that a bunch of our truck club members tried out. I got some pictures of them riding it that day. Looking for a name of this machine and it is called the conference center. The boss steers the machine while the others pedal to keep it going. At 3:15 we decided that there was nothing else coming in today so, we headed out for home. Its a 3 hour drive for us but, it was a nice day so I don’t mind driving that long . We got back to Warsaw at 6:40. I took 434 pictures today and traveled 349.2 miles.Image

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Mark & Joanne from Leroy NY are here in the front row with their Plymouth that they got last summer. They are also members of the Empire State antique Truck Association and he also has a 1947 International L-110 Pickup.

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On Sunday August 11, 2013 was the Warsaw annual car show at the Warsaw village park on liberty street. there was almost 150 cars here today. I got 155 pictures and did get a shot of each car here. There was a huge flea market that had a lot of different types of car parts and even a book on steam trains which I purchased for $10.00. It was a nice sunny day with the temperatures in the high 70’s. I was looking for a dash plaque for this years show. Found out that no dash plaques were passed out. Spend a couple hours on the grounds then it was time to leave.

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It sure was a beautiful weekend for this 2 – day of trucks, trucks and even more trucks.  There was 172 trucks that came through the registration tent for both days. My job was planning the program book and taking pictures of all the trucks and tractors that pass from the registration tent and into the photo tent area. I get three pictures of each vehicle. At 4pm on Saturday we shut down the photo tent until 9:00 AM tomorrow morning. Its time now for the ladies Powder Puff Slow Truck Race. This is all done in first gear and the slowest truck is the winner.  There was three winners First, Savannah King with her 1947 Chevrolet Fire Truck.  Second Place winner was Carol Monkelbaan with her 1959 Dodge D-100 pick up. Third place winner was unknown driver using George Pursel’s 1928 Ford Model A. Up next was the men’s slow truck race.  First place winner was Robert Douglass with his 1975 Brockway 761 and second place was Savannah King with her grandfathers 1921 GMC  K-16 pickup,  third place was unknown at this time.  Didn’t get a chance to see any of the tractor pulls due to getting photos at the photo tent.  Now it is time to start getting pictures of all the trucks that are here on the grounds so far. This will take us up to dinner time at 6:00.  Had a great dinner tonight and Savannah played her guitar and sang during the dinner hour.  Now it is time to head out for tonight and return bright and early tomorrow morning.  Now it’s Sunday morning and we got there at 7:30 and got some coffee and went to set up the tent for today’s photos of the new trucks coming in today. We only go to noon today.  After that the tent will come down for another great year.  I will go up in the 40 foot hi – lift with Mark and get some shots from forty feet high and move to different locations around the grounds for some great shots.  This took about an hour or so and I got shots of the parade from 40 feet high. It was almost time for the awards to be passed out. I waited at the tent for this and I want to get a group shot after the awards.  That about does it for 2013 show and hope for another great year for August 02, 03 2014. I ended up taking 905 pictures for these two days. Even got some pictures of the falling barn next door to the show grounds.

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Image                          It was a cool 34 degrees morning as we boarded the Grand Tours Motor Coach at the Kmart Plaza in Batavia, NY. Its 6:45 am as we departed for Athens, Ontario to see the great truck collection of George Tackaberry on Washburn Road in Athens. Carol & I along with 51 other members and guests arrived at Tackaberry’s at 11:15 am. WOW !! here are 5 big buildings that are just full of antique trucks, antique cars, tractors, boats, and a railroad display where the train which is 750 foot of track and goes around the whole inside of the building. George also has over 15,000 diecast trucks, cars, trains, airplanes, motorcycles, construction equipment that are all in glass showcases that are built into the walls of every building. At 2:00 we would all meet back at the bus for a light lunch of Sub Sandwiches, a cookie and a pop to tie us over till dinner at around 6. I am sure glad that I brought 4 peanut butter sandwiches with us cause I don’t eat subs of any shape , size at all. It worked out good. As we got off the bus to start going through all these buildings Carol was just amazed on everything that was in site. After going through the first couple of buildings we went out back to the renovation section of 100 trucks we checked them all out and these are used for rebuilding old trucks into new trucks. George has over 400 everyday use trucks that soon as the weather breaks all his drivers will be called back to work for a busy season. He owns 50 quarries and we got to see just one of the 50. Looks like the grand canyon with a lot of piles of different types of stone, gravel & sand, red sand in neat piles through out the quarry. Its about a half mile deep too. In one section of the quarry is a blacktop machine for making blacktop for the highways of Ontario. During the winter months he is contracted to plow and sand the 401 expressway using 100 trucks everyday that are ready at a moments notice. George employees 400 people on a yearly basis with OT if needed. We went to his home on the lakefront where he has 2 more big buildings just full of trucks and more diecasts. His home is across the street on the lake which he also owns. This is a beautiful gated mansionon the lake that anyone would love to own. Well ! after a nice cool day of touring the 7 buildings of George Tackaberry it is just about 5:00 and we will be departing here within minutes and head to Watertown to change drivers and have dinner at Ponderosa before heading back home. We spent about 30 minutes at the New York State Custom Office and then we were on our way to Watertown which is 27 miles down 81 South.  We got off at exit 45  and went to the Ponderosa where our relief driver was waiting for us. We all gave Darin a round of applause for a job well done. We went into eat and was ready at 8:00 to begin our voyage back to Batavia. We got there at 11:05 PM and Carol & I got back to Warsaw at 11:45. I took 1150 pictures today. The total mileage was 532 miles round trip.

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Well, For the first time ever I made a spaghetti sauce using my mom’s old recipe from the 50’s that is as good as hers always was. I cooked it using my croak pot and cooked for 3 hours and then added 12 meatballs that I cooked earlier and let them simmer in the sauce for another hour. Everything went great. At about 5:00 it was time to eat. Carol has come over for dinner and she enjoyed this very much. Even have some for tomorrow for lunch. Then will freeze the rest till next week for another planned dinner. My mom never used a croak pot for anything. Everything she made was done on the stove or in the oven. Her Scalloped Potatos and Ham is also another of my favorite. I did these a few weeks ago and used the roaster oven for these. She use to make these for our family reunion at Cuba NY Park in the 60’s & 70’s. She made enough for 50 people in one batch.

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Carol & I left Warsaw at 7:30 AM heading for our truck club drive around. It was raining hard when we was leaving so, we stopped at Dennys at the Pembroke Travel Plaza at exit 49 of the New York State Thruway. After having a big breakfast we caught up with the rest of the members on there way to Lockport. Still raining we headed up route 77 north to route 31 into Lockport. Our first stop was the Canal Discovery Center which was very interesting and full of great information. Staying there for a couple hours we finished the tour here and took a walk in the rain to the canal locks 34 & 35 and walked an hour getting pictures as I went along. It was around noon and  a bunch of us went into Tom’s Diner for something to tie us over till dinner at 5:00. We both had a big dish of french fries that were great. These were made with fresh potatos and deep fried for about 9 minutes to cook all the way through. We both had coffee to boot.  After leaving Tom’s we walked around for a while still raining.  Its hard trying to take pictures while it was raining and trying to keep my camera’s dry. We finally headed to the Canalside Restaurant where we was having a cruise on the canal at 2:30 PM. We all met at the restaurant and at 2:30 the captian of the Lockview II came out and let us board the boat. We was inside for most of the 2 hour cruise but, every so often I went upstairs to get some pictures when it was only slightly raining. Got a lot of pictures from up here of the locks filling up and our boat passing through the different hurtles of locks to the canal. I was warm enough to do this all along the way. At about 5:00 we got back to the dock and went inside the Restaurant for our buffet meal. There was Chicken, Pork, Roast Beef as our 3 meats along with a lettuce salad and dressing, pasta & sauce, Carrots, Mashed Potatos, Green Beans, stuffing, gravy, dessert. Not bad, it filled me up but, I was hoping that there would be something that I would like and there was. After the dinner was over it was a little after 6:00 and we headed for home. I knew it would be about an hour drive being only 56 miles to Warsaw. I took around 400 pictures today which are all ok photos and not all wet. Carol & I both had a great time today even if the weather wasn’t so great.

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Our September 2011 Empire State Antique Truck Club Meeting was held tonight at the Transportation Museum in Rush, NY. Had a great turnout tonight with a few newcombers. George cooked hamburgs & hot dogs on the grill in the dark but, still were good. I rode with Steve & Robin tonight in Steves new 2010 Ford Pickup. This has every option that can be had on a truck. The museum was very nice and still has room for more transportation vehicals. I took 84 pictures tonight of everything in the museum. See you all at the October Meeting ! Along with the Fall Drive A Round to Lockport on October 02, to visit the Erie Canal Museum and have a 2 – hour ride on the canal and dinner at the Canalside Restaurant in Lockport with a drive Around in between.

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