Image                          It was a cool 34 degrees morning as we boarded the Grand Tours Motor Coach at the Kmart Plaza in Batavia, NY. Its 6:45 am as we departed for Athens, Ontario to see the great truck collection of George Tackaberry on Washburn Road in Athens. Carol & I along with 51 other members and guests arrived at Tackaberry’s at 11:15 am. WOW !! here are 5 big buildings that are just full of antique trucks, antique cars, tractors, boats, and a railroad display where the train which is 750 foot of track and goes around the whole inside of the building. George also has over 15,000 diecast trucks, cars, trains, airplanes, motorcycles, construction equipment that are all in glass showcases that are built into the walls of every building. At 2:00 we would all meet back at the bus for a light lunch of Sub Sandwiches, a cookie and a pop to tie us over till dinner at around 6. I am sure glad that I brought 4 peanut butter sandwiches with us cause I don’t eat subs of any shape , size at all. It worked out good. As we got off the bus to start going through all these buildings Carol was just amazed on everything that was in site. After going through the first couple of buildings we went out back to the renovation section of 100 trucks we checked them all out and these are used for rebuilding old trucks into new trucks. George has over 400 everyday use trucks that soon as the weather breaks all his drivers will be called back to work for a busy season. He owns 50 quarries and we got to see just one of the 50. Looks like the grand canyon with a lot of piles of different types of stone, gravel & sand, red sand in neat piles through out the quarry. Its about a half mile deep too. In one section of the quarry is a blacktop machine for making blacktop for the highways of Ontario. During the winter months he is contracted to plow and sand the 401 expressway using 100 trucks everyday that are ready at a moments notice. George employees 400 people on a yearly basis with OT if needed. We went to his home on the lakefront where he has 2 more big buildings just full of trucks and more diecasts. His home is across the street on the lake which he also owns. This is a beautiful gated mansionon the lake that anyone would love to own. Well ! after a nice cool day of touring the 7 buildings of George Tackaberry it is just about 5:00 and we will be departing here within minutes and head to Watertown to change drivers and have dinner at Ponderosa before heading back home. We spent about 30 minutes at the New York State Custom Office and then we were on our way to Watertown which is 27 miles down 81 South.  We got off at exit 45  and went to the Ponderosa where our relief driver was waiting for us. We all gave Darin a round of applause for a job well done. We went into eat and was ready at 8:00 to begin our voyage back to Batavia. We got there at 11:05 PM and Carol & I got back to Warsaw at 11:45. I took 1150 pictures today. The total mileage was 532 miles round trip.


About mrkeeze

I am a big photographer. Started out back in 1972 doing fire photography for the Perry Fire Department which I am a member of since 1971. I now have over 60,000 photos in my collection. I started out using a Kodak 30 110mm camera which was my first camera. I graduated into 35mm film and now digital photography. I own several Minolta 35mm cameras and lenses and now have a Konica Minolta 7D Digital Camera and a Sony A330 Digital Camera. For a pocket camera that I have every place I go I use a Canon A720, S3, S50, SX100 Digital Cameras.I love spending weekends going to Truck & Car Shows along with Hot Air Balloon Festivals and Harborfests. I love going around the area and get pictures of trains & depot pictures. My favorite place for getting great train shots is in the City Of Hornell NY at the Erie Railroad Depot & Museum on Loder Street. Probably have over 100 pictures of trains passing through Hornell standing on the viaduct above the tracks. Check out my flickr page and look for the depot pictures. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimduellcollection This site has over 20,000 pictures on it and I keep adding all the time. It looks like there is going to be a super sunset tonight so I will have to leave now to get my 50 pictures for tonights sunset.
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